Wednesday, June 22, 2016

::Week in the Life 2016 - Sunday::

Sunday included a chance to hang out at my favorite local coffee shop The Bean on India Street after dropping Gary off at Summer Street Church for worship team practice.  So early in the morning, town was quite and perfect. 

After his practice, we went back to the cottage and had last night's dinner leftovers - steak and lobster hash - for breakfast.  We also checked out Maddie playing on the web-cam at Camp Bow Wow, her favorite place.  I took a screen shot of her standing on the plastic "bridge" looking out over her dog pals.  Watching her on the web-cam can be addicting!  Ha!

It was wonderful to attend services at Summer Street Church.  Gary played with the worship team and there was a potluck gathering afterward where we got to catch up with some friends we haven't seen as regularly lately.

The afternoon included driving around the island and shopping in town for a hostess gift.  In the process we saw that our absolute favorite restaurant, Company of the Cauldron, was open for the season and we made a reservation for that evening.  This restaurant is small and intimate with a pre-fixed three-course menu that changes each night.  Everything here is fabulous. 

I inserted a copy of the menu for the evening with a photo of the restaurant on the back.  The atmosphere inside is actually a lot more intimate than this photo depicts.

I ended the day again with a full size black & white photo, and wrapped up the album with this quote by Mary Jean Irion that Ali Edwards had posted on her blog during Week in the Life (or maybe it was on Instagram).  It really captures the essence of this project for and cherish everyday.

The very last page of the book is simple with patterned paper and the rubber "stories" banner from the Week in the Life kit.

I loved participating in the project (my third time) and I'm so grateful to Ali Edwards for sharing her amazing gifts with the world.  I feel blessed that her work and inspiration has been part of my life for so long (long, long time!) as it has truly added to my happiness. She is my story-telling and creative mentor!

The process of memory keeping, of telling stories, seems to always come back to gratitude for's just one big gratitude journal :).  I can't think of a better way to expend my mental and emotional energy.  Reflecting on all the good in life seems to help me to balance the tough times.   I think and hope this helps me to be more present in the world and able to contribute more fully.

And that's a wrap! 

Monday, June 20, 2016

::Week in the Life 2016 - Saturday::

We spent Saturday and Sunday on Nantucket Island off the coast of Massachusetts.  We live there, and in New Jersey, although Nantucket is our primary residence.  We needed to catch up on some yard work and so that was one of the main objectives of the weekend.  We had gorgeous weather and, since it's what we refer to as the "shoulder season" on an island where tourism is the main source of revenue, it was delightful.  Still space to wonder, to get a restaurant reservation, and to feel the relaxed vibe of the island without big crowds.

The story of my day was time to wonder around while my husband caught up on some sleep.  He wasn't feeling great, so I took some time to catch up with friends and generally relax.  Yard work came later in the day.  I almost put a word sticker I found that says "big hair, don't care" on this self portrait of me, right out of bed with that first cup of coffee.  Ha!  It is reality!

I loved capturing this shot through the office window of Gary talking with the crew -- a little slice of reality I would never normally be in the position to see or capture.

It was so great to spend time with some of my good friends on Nantucket.

And to just take in the beauty.  Even living here, it never gets old!

Gary and I talk about our plans and our future a lot.  We think things through together and, even though it can be emotional and exhausting sometimes, I am always grateful for those conversations.

The day ended with dinner at one of our favorite spots.

 A wonderful Saturday.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

::Week in the Life 2016 - Friday::

This Week in the Life included travel.  Of course, every week does not, but I decided to go with whatever the week of May 9, 2016 held, not knowing what the week would look like when Ali Edwards put that date out for a community project.  Traveling to Nantucket is a part of our lives.  We are back and forth pretty regularly...Gary more often than me.  I am always excited to go and love every part of the trip.  The travel itself holds lots of traditions for us since we do it so often, and I really embrace it.

I cannot describe the feeling I get when we draw close to Nantucket by ferry. To see the landscape, the shape of the island, Brant Point Lighthouse, the church steeples peeking through the trees at various points on the horizon.  A thrill in my stomach...butterflies I think...and a reminder of every good memory I have had here. 

A feeling of home.

We brought an older car of ours, a Volvo, to live here as Gary's on island vehicle.  It was iffy as to whether it would make the trip, but we're pretty confident that, once on island, it will live a long life.  So driving it onto the ferry was a big deal!

Our routine on the ferry:  pull out our laptops and do work during the 2 hour+ trip.  Rolling off the ferry, it is always so great to see familiar sights.

Like beautiful Main Street...

Gary is working out of a cottage that's been moved to a construction-type location.  Interesting for me to see for the first time.

We had lunch at Bartlett's Farm, one of our favorite places on island.  We sat outside on a beautiful day, taking in the sea air and the sun, having their homemade soup and sharing a sandwich.  Later, we visited a job-site where Gary is building a gorgeous pool on a gorgeous property. 

This is what he does. I think it's pretty cool.

Then we spent a good amount of time working on our yard.  It's actually a joy.  Dinner later at another favorite place and then a meeting with our church worship team (Gary plays guitar). 

Earlier, I took a shot of Gary taking in the sea air.  He is so totally in his element here.  I thought this quote by Rumi said it all.

Very grateful for this day.