Monday, August 17, 2015

::Week in the Life 2015: Monday::

And we're off!  Monday is coming to an end and as I look through my photos I'm excited and wanting to do more.  And better!  This project presents a great opportunity to play with photography.  It also makes me so much more mindful of my day and how I see things,

Here are a few captures:

 Morning coffee, first thing.

A super busy day at work with client meetings and doing more pinch hitting in areas I'm less than familiar.  Interesting times.  Catching up in the afternoon on email and important phone calls.

On the way to see Rev. Leland to discuss some important life stuff.  We're not actually mad...but these car photos always make us look

Appreciating our back yard and patio...imperfections and all.  I love it.  I am thankful.

And loving this crazy girl.  Just a few moments later she jumped on the TV, threatened (I'm guessing) by some silly commercial.  Oh Maddie, what am I going to do with you?

Night time computer work...some office stuff, some scrapbooking, some surfing.

Late night music making.  Gary and Jephta.

And those are some highlights.  On to tomorrow!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

::Project life 2015: week 20::

Sharing my Project Life spread for the week of May 11th, the most recent I have completed.  Yes, I am far behind, but that is typical for the summer months when things are busier and my weekend scrapbooking time is limited.  And that's okay, since it usually means we're out trying to enjoy this beautiful island in the great weather.  Or we're doing yard work (not my favorite).

This was a busy week that included the start of my Ideal Protein journey...a real milestone for me.  It was also a week I traveled to New Jersey to attend my niece Marin's annual dance recital and celebrate Mother's Day a week late.  My mom is so understanding, and didn't mind that I combine the two occasions into one trip.

I was so excited to embark on Ideal Protein and start getting back to feeling like myself.  If something works, I am willing to work at it.  I am very hopeful.  Not the best timing to start something like this when I would be traveling, but I made the most of it.  Lunch on the road meant stirring up some protein pudding at a rest stop...yum (not really) and just doing my best.

Absolutely love watching Marin dance.  Love the annual tradition of going to her recital with my mom and sister and sometimes nephew Jackson and nieces Jess and Amanda.  I stayed with mom and we went together.  Because the awards ceremony runs right into the recital, there wasn't time to go out to dinner, so we tailgated with the dance moms and families right there in the parking lot!  It was so great that Edward swung by to see everyone and wish Marin luck.  He's such a great kid.  For my part, I ate another pudding instead of having a sub...yeah, tough intro to the diet!  It's not usually this hard, just unusual circumstances that I wasn't all that prepared for. 

So grateful to spend this time with everyone.  So grateful to see Marin dance.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

::Week in the Life 2015::

So excited for this year's Week in the Life by Ali Edwards happening the week of August 17th.  She has wonderful posts on her site about the project, including how to get ready, ideas on photography during the week and thoughts on what to capture. 

I treasure my album from last year...the first year I was really intentional about the project.  This year, I want to be even more so.  I want to be really thoughtful about the photos and composition.  And I want to capture our life here on Nantucket in a way that we both will appreciate for years to come.  Our real life...the little things we tend to forget over time...the mundane and the unusual.  It's all beautiful! 

I am going to try and take Ali's lead by uploading my photos daily and posting them with words here on my blog.  It should make putting the album together after the week of documenting that much easier.

Going to charge the camera.  Woohoo!!!