Wednesday, July 13, 2016

::Project Life 2016: Week 2::

I am nearing the end of June in my Project Life catch up, so I will be closing up volume 1 and beginning volume 2, July through December.  I figured this might be a good time to catch up on posting the first half of the year as well.  I'm starting here with week 2, which for us included our annual trip to Maine for skiing, enjoying outdoor beauty, shopping, eating and drinking.  Lots and lots of fun on this trip every year.

 This spread is definitely photo always is when I document this trip.  I added journaling to many of the photos, so the story gets told both on the photos and on the couple of 3 x 4 cards I included.  I don't like that the spread is overall a bit dark, but that is the reality of the atmosphere, and I suppose that is okay.

I'm still working on getting rid of glare when I photograph these layouts!

I think the sign included above is from Elise Blaha's Instragram feed account, if I'm not mistaken.  It was the perfect sentiment for how I was feeling just trying to get myself together for travel.

I felt the need to commemorate the passing of David Bowie as it was a stop and think and feel moment for sure.

When you're from Maine, as our friends are, you call a winter getaway cabin a "camp"...not to be confused with a "campground" which they also own - but that's a summer thing!  Their camp on a mountain side in Western Maine, just on the New Hampshire border, is rustic, to say the least.  No electricity, no running water, heat is by wood burning stove and there is an out house. 

It's the coziest place we know, with wonderful memories. We love it!

Typically, the guys - Gary, Ed and Clayton - ski the entire weekend, and the girls - me and Becky - go shopping and lunching and driving through gorgeous scenery.  I love this trip.  This year was Becky's birthday, so we celebrated with a big black bear in North Conway :)

 I made a 3x4 flip up to allow for an additional photo.

 Patterned paper is on the inside.

All and all, not a super crafty spread by any means, but lots of great memories captured here that warm my heart.  So grateful for this project and that I get the photos out of my camera! 

Thursday, July 07, 2016

::Nantucket Artbook Project::

 In the spring of 2015 I was asked by a friend to participate in the Artists Association of Nantucket Nantucket Artbook Project.  As per their site, the Nantucket Artbook Project is "an annual community art project hosted by the Artists Association of Nantucket featuring the musings of Nantucket residents, artists, dreamers, vagabonds, and creative types". 

250 artbooks were distributed across the island and country for participants to take part in this art project. In June of 2015, AAN held the opening reception for Nantucket Artbook Project at the newly constructed Visual Arts Center. 

 When I received my blank notebook, I have to admit I was a little frozen.  I don't do art journals per se, and I was under the impression that was what I needed to do. And believe me, there are some seriously talented artists and creatives on and of Nantucket. I was intimidated.  But then I realized that the whole point of the project was to do my own thing, to tell my own story and to tell it in the way that flows out of me.

That's when I decided to write a love letter to Nantucket.

Dear Nantucket,
 You are something magical.

I used the Silhouette to create the cover and lots of Ali Edwards Story Kit elements throughout.  The paper is from an older Heidi Swapp collection - sorry, don't have the name available, but it is one of my favorites.  The template for the "pie" shape above is from one of Ali's older Story Kits.

 Dear Nantucket, you are made of moments.  You are picnics on the beach and winter walks.

Lots of layering papers and lots of stitching.

Dear Nantucket, you are stories of life.

I love this memory bubble spread.  These photos represent an array of stories we have with Nantucket, from when our son was so little, to when we got married on the island, to celebrating our anniversary there over the years, to vacations, to the adventure of moving to the island, to working there, owning a home and making friends.

I included a Hambly clear sheet that I had in my stash forever and an Avery tab. 

Dear Nantucket, you are community.  You are the faraway land.

Dear Nantucket, you are home.

In the end, this little book turned out to be one of my favorite projects ever.  It's very personal, it fills me with emotion.  It tells an important part of my/our story.  And it truly is a love letter to a true love in my life.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

::Week in the Life 2016 - Sunday::

Sunday included a chance to hang out at my favorite local coffee shop The Bean on India Street after dropping Gary off at Summer Street Church for worship team practice.  So early in the morning, town was quite and perfect. 

After his practice, we went back to the cottage and had last night's dinner leftovers - steak and lobster hash - for breakfast.  We also checked out Maddie playing on the web-cam at Camp Bow Wow, her favorite place.  I took a screen shot of her standing on the plastic "bridge" looking out over her dog pals.  Watching her on the web-cam can be addicting!  Ha!

It was wonderful to attend services at Summer Street Church.  Gary played with the worship team and there was a potluck gathering afterward where we got to catch up with some friends we haven't seen as regularly lately.

The afternoon included driving around the island and shopping in town for a hostess gift.  In the process we saw that our absolute favorite restaurant, Company of the Cauldron, was open for the season and we made a reservation for that evening.  This restaurant is small and intimate with a pre-fixed three-course menu that changes each night.  Everything here is fabulous. 

I inserted a copy of the menu for the evening with a photo of the restaurant on the back.  The atmosphere inside is actually a lot more intimate than this photo depicts.

I ended the day again with a full size black & white photo, and wrapped up the album with this quote by Mary Jean Irion that Ali Edwards had posted on her blog during Week in the Life (or maybe it was on Instagram).  It really captures the essence of this project for and cherish everyday.

The very last page of the book is simple with patterned paper and the rubber "stories" banner from the Week in the Life kit.

I loved participating in the project (my third time) and I'm so grateful to Ali Edwards for sharing her amazing gifts with the world.  I feel blessed that her work and inspiration has been part of my life for so long (long, long time!) as it has truly added to my happiness. She is my story-telling and creative mentor!

The process of memory keeping, of telling stories, seems to always come back to gratitude for's just one big gratitude journal :).  I can't think of a better way to expend my mental and emotional energy.  Reflecting on all the good in life seems to help me to balance the tough times.   I think and hope this helps me to be more present in the world and able to contribute more fully.

And that's a wrap!