Tuesday, December 31, 2013


The eve of a brand new year.  Can't help but reflect on the past twelve months and what they have meant...in the world, for the people I love, and for my little family unit.  Overall, the word that comes to mind is grateful.

I am always grateful for the ordinary days...always, and we had many of those.  In 2014 I will strive to be more mindful of just how grateful I am and demonstrate that in my actions.

My word for 2014 is thrive.  I was thinking about it for a while now, inspired by the name of my salon, believe it or not.  Questioning, just as Ali Edwards has on her blog, what it means to really be engaged in life and not just get by.  I plan to be more intentional this year about meditating on my word...I feel strongly that it could benefit all around me.

Here's to an amazing 2014 and a grateful heart for the gifts of 2013.

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

::A Little Motivation::

I thought I'd post an older layout I created to give myself a little kick in the booty.  Why do I find it so difficult to do the one thing that would be so good for me?  Really, any form of movement would be an improvement right now...I don't have to find the perfect exercise.  I have to say that yoga seems to me calling my name of late.  I just ordered The Biggest Loser Yoga for Weight Loss...now to put it in the DVD player and DO IT!  I know I'll feel better when I do.

Monday, February 18, 2013

::Project Life: 2013 Weeks 6 and 7::

Welcome to Project Life weeks six and seven.  A bit behind in my posting, but have SO MUCH fun with this form of memory keeping.  It is just a fabulous way to document the little things and it can be much less time consuming that traditional page layouts.  That is if you keep it simple!  But for me, this is my creative outlet, so I've been having fun using my Silhouette and Studio Calico monthly kits.

Here's a look at the first page:

This was the week of the storm, Nemo, and also Maddie's surgery so there was a lot to talk about. Plus, I got my hair colored and, even thought I'm still not happy with it, it was an improvement!

And here's the second page:

I'm using lots of Ali Edwards' digital brushes and stamps - LOVE her handwriting, so you'll see it throughout my pages.  

And on to week seven:

Valentine's Day week, so I had fun with lots of hearts...maybe went overboard but, hey, it only comes one time a year.  And I feel the need to celebrate the fact that I have a husband I love. :)

Here's a closer look at page one:

Absolutely LOVING Glitz Design "Uncharted Waters" - beautiful line and perfect for me here in Nantucket! The paper and one of their "jewels" was used on the "Hello Stress" card.  The gate fold card in the lower left corner was a idea from Katie over at Ali Edwards' blog.  I wanted to jot down a few things about work this week, but keep my complaining private, so there you have it.  Real life!

And page two:

Have a great week! 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

::Project Life 2013: Week 5::

Welcome to Project Life 2013:  Week 5.  This week I finally pulled out the new Silhouette Portrait I received for Christmas.  It was super easy to use and I love the way it looks in my layout.  I used Ali Edwards' Hello Life Boxes Vol 4 for the "Everyday Life" cut out...and you can see the Heart Snow coming through from the beginnings of next week!  That one is from Ali's Hello Winter 3x4 Boxes.  All these are available at Designer Digitals.

Here's a look at the left page:

Above I used Nisa Finn's Spledid Finns calendar from Jessica Sprague.  I cut out Week 5 on the Silhouette.

And a look at the right side.  Amy Tangerine letters for "Mojo", Studio Calico letters for "Embrace" as well as tag on the upper left photo are from their Block Party Project Life kit.  I love the whale stamp toward the bottom of the page.  I found it at a local Nantucket store called Parchment.  The brown polka-dot sleeve at the bottom is also Studio Calico.

Have a great week!

Friday, February 01, 2013

::Project Life 2013: Week 2::

Hello!  Here is Week Two of Project Life 2013.  This was a pretty ordinary week on the island.  I found, as usual, that I had a good number of photos featuring Gary and Maddie!  The special moment of the week was celebrating our one-year anniversary of living on Nantucket...very special and hard to believe a year has gone by.  I've blurred some of the journaling as requested, but you get the idea of how the week went!

And here's a closer look at the pages...

Supplies used:

Seafoam Core Kit
Cathy Zielske Week in Review digital
Ali Edwards "thankful for this ordinary day"
Jenni Bowlin "he said" journal card
Webster's Pages digital polaroid frames

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

::Nantucket Winter Beauty::

I used to wonder what it would be like to live on Nantucket throughout the winter.  I admit I pictured a frozen tundra 30 miles out to sea, with very few people and nothing to do.  Now in my second winter on the island, I can say that it is one of my favorite seasons.

There is actually plenty to do, if you're so inclined.  The community here is close, but not intrusive.  You can be with people, hibernate, or something in between.  We tend to do more of the stuff that matters to me...like spending time with Maddie (above rolling in the snow with joy).  I know I grimace at the thought of going out in the cold sometimes, but I'm always glad we did.

The other day, as I was leaving the office, it had begun to snow.  A lite layer on top of what was still hanging around from last week.  As it settled on the cobblestones and clung to to the cedar shingles of the old gray houses, I stopped to take it in.  So peaceful.  So simple.  I have so many more of these moments, here on the island. Sometimes, time seems to go just a bit slower, and I'm all for that.

Monday, January 28, 2013

::Project Life: Week 3::

Working on taking better/clearer photos of my project life spreads.  Also need to perfect crediting the artists whose products I've used - with links - and those who have inspired me.  What I love about Project Life is the variety.  There's no right way or wrong way...just your way.  I keep it pretty simple and go back and add embellishments when I have the time.  Sometimes - many times - it's just an accomplishment to complete a week!  First weeks in January coming...but for now, here is week 3, which was all about our escape off-island to Maine for a winter weekend. 

So much of my technique is inspired by Ali Edwards, so here's a shout out to that very talented woman!  See a link to her site on my side bar. 

Project Life is a back-to-basics approach to memory-keeping created by Becky Higgins

Supplies used:

Splendid Finns calendar

Cathy Zielske Week In Review